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Sports Café Danforth takes watching tv sports to whole new level

ports Cafe Danforth owner Niki serves up snacks at grand opening Dec. 1 -STAFF

Sports Café Danforth owner Niki serves up snacks at grand opening Dec. 1 -STAFF

\ By George Spelvin \

Although Danforth Avenue west of Pape Ave. is best known for its Greek cuisine and cultural events, it has also long been home to many sports-oriented pubs and bars, some of which even have edible food.  But now a new spacious and mid-scale eatery at 630 Danforth on the first block west of Pape will be giving everyone in the area a run for their money.

Sports Café Danforth, owned by a family of Greek heritage that prides itself on good food, officially opened December 1 and demonstrated it is squarely aimed at providing a superior experience for watching televised sports action as well as getting decent food and drink to enhance the occasion.

With Toronto FC competing at home for the Major League Soccer championship December 9 and what looks like sure marches to the post-season by both Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs, the timing is pretty much ideal for the 150+-seater room that has a modern yet comfy feel.  Though it was packed on opening night there wasn’t a bad seat in the house for watching the Raptors game and complimentary snacks demonstrated the room’s claim to having an exceptional menu are justified.

Sports Cafe Danforth 036A fully stocked oval bar is in the centre of the spacious room that offers comfy chairs and sofa seating and tv screens ring the top of the serving area.

The room features more than 21 televisions, all with superior state-of-the-art high-definition pictures, several of them large wall screens and between them covering pretty much every sport you can think of.  With full NFL Network access, all of the games will be shown Sundays and on all NFL game days, which of course also means Thursdays and Mondays, the room also has prizes as well as specials.

Speaking of prizes, the restaurant also has a promotion going that enables you to enter ballots every time you order for draws for Leafs and Raptors tickets coming up early in the new year.

Even though they were hard pressed to keep up with the opening night crush, I found the staff to be pleasant and on-the-ball —which is just what you want in a sports bar or anywhere you go to enjoy an evening out.  This would be an ideal place for a group excursion because it’s large enough that you can accommodate everyone without feeling like you’re taking the place over.

The room is open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily and also offers Uber Eats delivery.  To find out more drop by or call 416-551-5626.


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