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East York Ladies Softball veteran players holding reunion Nov. 4

A group of former players in the East York Ladies Softball League are planning to hold a reunion social on Saturday November 4 and inviting their former teammates and opponents from the 1980-2000 era to come out to relive memories and catch up.  It will take place at The Wally Tavern, 302 O’Connor Drive at Donlands, starting at 7 p.m.

Weone Macrae came up with the idea “while sitting around the pool having drinks and reminiscing with some old friends this summer,” she told East York Chronicle.

At the time she played, she said, the league, known today as the East York Ladies Softball Association, had up to eight teams (there are four today) sponsored by local businesses.  She hopes attendees will be bring out their trophies and photos to spark memories.  For more info call her at 705-750-3000.

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