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Waiting game continues for MP Nate Erskine-Smith and Amy Symington’s first child

Amy Symington and Nate Erskine-Smith at community event in July. -GARY W-P

Amy Symington and Nate Erskine-Smith at community event in July. -GARY W-P

\ Friday, August 12, 2016, 18:45hrs \

Beaches-East York MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and life partner Amy Symington are “sticking as close to home as possible” as they eagerly await the birth of their first child, a boy who was scheduled to arrive August 11.

Ms. Symington, a chef and nutrition professor at George Brown College, has been off work since the beginning of July but “has been keeping busy with a little bit of prep work for a research project she’ll be doing in the fall” Mr. Erskine-Smith told East York Chronicle in an exclusive telephone interview today.

While spending “as much time at home as possible,” the MP is staying on top of local affairs and “luckily our constituency office is close by so I can still take meetings if need be because I’m not too far away.

“It’s nice timing because August is pretty slow as far as official events are concerned anyways, but I’m certainly still answering emails and calls from home,” he said.

The couple, who recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, haven’t yet picked a name for their son, preferring to “wait until we see him,” though they do have a short list of possibilities, he confided. EduCare FB pr 1

The pair will experience the birthing process, for which they’ll also have assistance from a midwife, at East York’s Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital), where “the staff is great and we did a tour of the birthing centre there a few weeks ago.”

With Symington being “a big advocate for proper nutrition” the baby “will be well fed, that’s for sure,” Erskine-Smith said.  “She’s the expert, so I’ll be following her lead.”

Everything seems to be in readiness and now it’s just up to baby to make an entrance!  Stay tuned for updates.

-Gary Webb-Proctor

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