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Use of East York logo on street signs gets boost from city council

Student mural in progress in early June at East York Collegiate -MARY FRAGEDAKIS ON TWITTER

Student mural in progress in early June at East York Collegiate -MARY FRAGEDAKIS ON TWITTER

New and replacement East York street signs may once again be including the logo of the former Borough of East York if a motion overwhelmingly approved by Toronto City Council at its evening session Thursday July 7 gets a favourable report from city staff.

EY Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis moved, seconded by Ward 31 rep Janet Davis, that city staff report to the September meeting of council’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on “the feasibility of adding the East York logo to new and replacement street signs within the boundaries of the former East York.”

Background material to the motion, deemed “urgent” by the meeting chair and approved by the council 35-5, notes that “residents and organizations in East York continue to promote and use the East York logo in many ways, for many purposes.

“The East York Foundation, the East York Historical Society and many residents have raised this issue again, and have requested that the City add the East York logo” to the signs, it adds.

Street signa at n/w corner on October 29 '16. -STAFF

Street sign at n/w corner on October 29 ’16. -STAFF

As reported in November 2016 by East York Chronicle, it was noticed last fall that new street name signs being erected at corners in the area were missing the logo, which was a prominent feature on many local signs for several decades.

(The previous month EYC broke the story that new place name and informational signs that were being erected outside at the renovated East York Civic Centre were also missing the EY logo —an “oversight” that was fixed at a cost of thousands of dollars just prior to the official October 29 ribbon-cutting celebrating completion of the work.)

Street signs s/w corner on October 29 '16 -STAFF

Street signs s/w corner on October 29 ’16 -STAFF

The issue of the street signs was also raised in January by EYC columnist Alan Redway, a former Borough Mayor, EY MP and member of the boards of the East York Historical Society and new East York Hall of Fame.

The background material to Ms. Fragedakis’s motion notes that both those organizations had complained about the missing logo from the new street signs and adds that “it is included in organizational logos, communications materials, murals, flags, clothing, and the local skate park and high school.  Our residents, and youth in particular, continue to have a strong sense of identity and local pride in East York.”

As if to “illustrate” her point, students at one high school, East York Collegiate, decided this spring to create a new mural incorporating the logo along with street signs (also featuring it) identifying the institution’s location at the corner of Cosburn Ave. and Coxwell Avenue.

Although in 2007 council had asked Transportation Services staff to prepare a report recommending a protocol for determining which districts and former municipalities of “The Six” that were amalgamated in 1998 should be allowed to retain or initiate specific designs and features and where multilingual signs are appropriate, no report was ever forthcoming, the background material adds.

The background material also notes that preliminary discussions with city staff indicated that it is estimated “the cost would be minimal” to add the logo to new and replacement signs.

Council also adopted another Fragedakis motion, seconded by Scarborough councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, asking that the same consideration be given to using the logo of the former City of Scarborough on its signs.

If the staff report is ready for the works committee’s September 19 meeting and the proposal approved, it could be ratified by council as early as October 2 and be applied to any new signs going up after that.

-Gary Webb-Proctor

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