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Residents have until December 19 to have input into OMB reform

Arthur Potts -staff

Arthur Potts -staff

Long the bane of community groups, politicians and developers alike, the Ontario Municipal Board is finally due to get a makeover, according to Liberal MPP for Beaches-East York, Arthur Potts.

Mr. Potts is sponsoring a 6:30 p.m. “town hall” meeting at Community Centre 55 on Monday December 12 (97 Main St.) at which the public is invited to make submissions to the review process.

Those who can’t attend can submit comments online or by mail, but must do so by Dec. 19, Potts noted in a press release. People can call his office at 416-690-1020 to get help making submissions.

The board is a tribunal that rules in disputes concerning land use matters and has the power to overrule local municipal councils.

The government is considering changes to make OMB decisions “clearer and more predictable,” give more weight to input from jurisdictions and enhance public participation in hopes of reducing the number of cases that it hears, according to a release from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Many citizens, politicians and industry players alike have complained for years that board hearings have added enormous expense and delays to many projects but that many of its rules, such as who can even appear before it, have seemed fuzzy and even capricious.


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