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RAT-POCALYSE! Significant increase in number of EY sightings

Rats in garbage can

Rats in garbage can

Although the City of Toronto claims its garbage bins are racoon-proof, judging by recent reports on social media some East York home owners have found they may not be immune to rats.

One member of the Danforth-Woodbine group on Facebook posted that she discovered a “a 4-inch hole on the top of our garbage bin” outside her home in the Gerrard-Coxwell area. Another reported that a rat “ran at me from behind the garbage and hit my ankle!”

The rodents have also been reported being found in basement toilets, having apparently crawled up from the sewer system, and also under the hoods of cars.

Several posters theorized that the influx may be due to renovations and new construction in their areas, where basements and foundations have been dug, disrupting the pests from their previous habitats. Similarly, watermain replacements and repairs could do the same. Urban Nature 031 moved

The City of Toronto cautions that putting out poisons can also endanger others animals such as household pets. Councilor Janet Davis has lobbied to get the city to create a “bait” program but doing so is complicated by the fact that pest control is spread out among several divisions.

One person said they had stopped putting out bird seed after spotting rats, since like squirrels they can be attracted to it.

However Paul Oliver, owner of Urban Nature at 900 Don Mills Rd. that caters to bird lovers, says that only happens “if one uses a poor quality bulk birdseed, which has a lot of ‘fillers’ in it.”

The best way to avoid attracting them while still providing birds with feed, he says, “is to use a good squirrel-proof bird feeder and only sunflower hearts in the feeder,” which do not have “any fillers or shells that fall to the ground” and attract the rats.

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