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MPP Potts proposes new reward points system for LCBO outlets

Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts, who has already had three private member bills passed by his governing Liberal party majority at Queen’s Park, has proposed an innovative new rewards system be adopted by Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Writing in a guest editorial in the Toronto Star, Mr. Potts noted that the provincially owner agency currently gives out Air Miles reward points for purchasers who visit their outlets.

He said he got thinking about the subject in more depth as he pursued successful passage of his bill mandating that reward points could not expire in Ontario.

“I believe that if you buy alcohol in Ontario —at the LCBO, Beer Store, grocery store, bar or restaurant— you should be incentivized to invest in a safe ride home. That should be the reward that comes with buying booze,” he writes.

“Ontario’s new Presto Card system could act as a solid foundation to build a ‘safe-way-home’ reward program. Rather than Air Miles, LCBO cashiers (and bartenders) should be asking: ‘Do you have Presto?’”

While admitting that many details would remain to be worked out, Potts notes that benefits would extend to transit systems when people would be encouraged to get a pass and added the system could even be extended to include taxis.

He has not yet indicated whether he plans a new bill about the topic.

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