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Mother Language Day monument gets go-ahead

Rendering of design for Mother Language monument by Shahid Minar

Rendering of design for Mother Language monument by Shahid Minar.

By next spring it’s expected that the Dawes Road entrance to Taylor Creek Park will sport a new monument to Mother Language Day following Toronto City Council’s approval of receiving it as a donation from the Organization for Toronto International Mother Language Day Monument Inc. at its October meeting.

The group, says its president Dewan A. Azim, has been able to raise the approximately $250,000 cost of building the structure, which will commemorate the annual Feb. 21 event recognized by the United Nations to mark the 1952 death of four Bengali students attempting to secure official language status for their native tongue in what was then East Pakistan.  The Day is meant to highlight the need to promote and protect the world’s 6,700 languages and is an important celebration for Bengali emigrants around the world.  The monument will be the first of its kind in Canada.

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