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More changes coming to Woodbine-O’Connor intersection

View of Woodbine O'Connor intersection from GOOGLE MAPS

View of Woodbine O’Connor intersection from GOOGLE MAPS

Installation of bike lanes on Woodbine Ave. this autumn has made a big difference to how motorists and cyclists use the intersection where the road meets O’Connor Drive, but more change is coming.

As a way of easing congestion at the corner and making it safer and more congenial for pedestrians and cyclists, the entire intersection is being revamped.

While most of the construction won’t happen until the spring, some of the preconstruction work is already underway and set to continue into the new year.

Bell Canada already has trucks and other equipment parked on the east side of Woodbine south of the intersection as it prepares to relocate the communications tower on the triangular island in the middle of the intersection (technically known as a “channel,” since it facilitates right turns for motorists from the northbound Woodbine lane and by eastbound traffic heading south on Woodbine from O’Connor), which will be removed as part of the new configuration.  That work will also see the eastbound lane on O’Connor west of the intersection closed during off-peak hours until sometime in early January.

Eventually the intersection’s new configuration [see the city illustration] will include a new left turn lane onto O’Connor from the northbound side of Woodbine as well as a new, shorter, one-stage pedestrian crossing across O’Connor to the southwest corner at Woodbine.  Removal of the channel will also allow installation of sound-alert signalling to enhance safety for walkers with sight impairments.

Cyclists will have their own separate crossing north-south crossing lane on O’Connor to ease connection with the southbound Woodbine bike lanes, as well as a raised platform and “bike box” waiting area at the top of the crossing to facilitate their traversals.

The final look of Woodbine-O'Connor intersection [click to enlarge]

The final look of Woodbine-O’Connor intersection [click to enlarge]


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