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Leaside looking for names for laneways

As is becoming popular across the city, political and community leaders in East York’s Leaside area now want to start naming some of their laneways after prominent local citizens.

In fact the city has launched a Laneway Naming Initiative and that has prompted Ward 26 Councillor Jon Burnside to issue a call for ideas for the naming of five particular laneways in the leafy part of town.
As described by Leaside Life News editor Lorna Krawchuk, the lanes are:
One is in North Leaside, running parallel to Eglinton and Donlea between Laird and Sutherland. Another is parallel to Bayview and Donegall between Millwood and just south of Parkhurst. Two others make a matched set: they both travel north from Lea Ave., one between Randolph and Sutherland and the other between Sutherland and Airdrie. The Randolph laneway stops just beside the fire hall. The Airdrie one comes out at McRae. The fifth is “bit of a wiggle – it comes off Bayview from north of Airdrie, looks like a driveway, and goes past the newish Kelvingrove apartments lining up with the backyards on Heather and ending just south of SAHIL (Stay At Home In Leaside) on McRae.”

People wishing to submit name ideas can contact Leaside Life at For more info and tips on naming considerations read “A Laneway Runs Through It” at

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