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Group to vote on list of Greenwood Station second-exits Sept. 12

Area being considered for second exit from station. -TTC

Area being considered for second exit from station. -TTC

The Local Working Group established by the Toronto Transit Commission to help determine the location of a second exit from Greenwood Station will vote to select eight candidate sites at a meeting on Tues. September 12.

The group, comprised of representatives from the neighbourhood and various stakeholders such as local businesses and agencies and regular users of the station, was established after a meeting in April and has heard input from the public at two previous meetings in May and June.

The September 12 meeting, to be held 6:30-8:30 in the basement at St. David’s Anglican Church at 49 Donlands Ave. across from Donlands Station, is also open to the public.

The eight locations the meeting selects will next be considered for technical analysis by the TTCs in order to help the LWG to rank them in terms of desirability prior to further consultations later this autumn. The TTC says it hopes the project can be completed by 2020.

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