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EY registration starts Sept. 13 for City’s autumn recreation programs

Children in swimming pool

Children enjoying a swimming experience -STOCK

At 7 a.m. on Wed. September 13 the registration sweepstakes for East York and downtown Toronto are underway for city programs covering a diverse variety of activities for wide range of ages.

As usual, it’s an online battle to rival the internet crush of major music and sporting event ticket sales, so you’ll want to have your action finger ready and your portal device and net connection cleared of any excess resource drains to get your applications in ahead of others.

SH Armstrong just keep swimmingHappily once again the program offerings include swimming at S.H. Armstrong pool in east TO, which had been threatened with closure earlier this year when despite advocacy for it by Olympic multiple medalist Penny Oleksiak, who learned to swim there. As detailed in EYC in February, Mayor John Tory’s deciding vote at City Council denied funds to pay the Toronto & District School Board to continue its operation, citing statistics that indicated the pool was underused.

SH Armstrong pool party rental flyer

Pool party rentals program helps fund S.H. Armstrong Pool -TWITTER

Donations and an imaginative revenue producing pool-rental scheme and other fund-raising activities have kept the pool operational for at least this year and community supporters are enthusiastically plumping to get people to register for one of its programs (descriptions of which you can download as a pdf from the web) to achieve full use.

Program descriptions of all the City’s programs can be found on its Fun Guide web page at

In order to register online you’ll need to set up an account with the city (basically registering in order to be able to register) which you can do by visiting and you’ll want to get that done before the rush begins.

The city also recommends that in addition to compiling a prioritized list of the programs in which you hope to secure a spot before the registration opens, you also should create a “backup” list in case your program is already filled when you get to it.  If all the spots in your chosen activity have already been filled there are usually waiting lists you can also enroll on in case someone else bows out.

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