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Extra special treatment was fitting for exceptional EY volunteers

As part of her commemoration and celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary Toronto-Danforth MP Julie Dabrusin this past summer decided to recognize some of the people who, out of the goodness of their hearts, help make her community work: volunteers.

After collecting nominations from the community and striking a committee to and to sift through them and decide upon worth recipients, eventually 42 individuals were selected to be recognized at a charming and inspiring Exceptional Volunteer Awards event that was held at East York Civic Centre on October 21.

The honourees included many prominent East York residents, ranging from a nun who’s been called “Toronto’s Sister Teresa,” Sister Gwen Smith of the Sisters of St. Joseph and founder of Mustard Seed ministry, to teenager Michelle Guni, whose work with YOLO (Youth Overcoming Life Obstacles) through Bethany Baptist Church helped make it possible for many underprivileged children to get to summer camp thanks to her volunteering efforts.

Another volunteer associated with Bethany, Karen Somerville, has been involved with East York Soccer and Toronto East Rotary Club’s good works for many years. Also on the list was David Finley, whose 20-year volunteer tutoring with East York Learning’s Homeward Bound project has resulted in many of his protegee students going on to enter college.  To all of those honoured on October 21: congratulations and thank you!



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