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Electoral reform on the agenda for MPs’ town halls this fall

Rob Oliphant's Canada Post Review forum

Don Valley West MP Rob Oliphant hosting a town hall last month. -COURTESY

EY area federal MPs have been hosting a variety of local “town hall” meetings over the spring and summer months and a bunch more are planned for the coming late-summer and autumn seasons.

All three of the EY based MPs —Nathaniel Erskine-Smith in Beaches-East York, Julie Dabrusin for Toronto Danforth and Rob Oliphant of Don Valley West— have hosted several such events each on subjects as diverse as Canada Post reform, Assisted Dying, Syrian Refugees and Electoral Reform.

And the schedule for September and October is chock full of similar events in all three ridings.

Mr. Erskine-Smith has a forum on Climate Change coming up on Wed. September 14 at Kew Beach United Church (14 Wineva Drive) starting at 7 p.m., while on the same night at 6:30 Ms. Dabrusin holds her own town hall at Calvary Church (746 Pape Ave.) on the subject of Electoral Reform — unfortunate scheduling for those EY residents who have an interest in both topics —or for those who think they could be related. n-es-022

All three of the local MPs will be raising the profile of the electoral reform topic over the coming months and public input at the meetings could be significant since their Liberal party leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised during the election campaign that it would be addressed and the system changed prior to the next vote in 2019.

Erskine-Smith, for whom the issue is a priority, has a town hall of the subject scheduled for October 12 at St. Brigid’s School (50 Woodmount Ave.), while Mr. Oliphant has scheduled three open forums on the topic, with the first on Sun. Sept. 18, 2-4 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El (120 Old Colony Rd.) with two more planned on consecutive nights October 12 and 13.


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