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30-year success of Thorncliffe Chapel Housing proves that non-profit can work, exec says

\ by Gary Webb-Proctor \

Residents at Thorncliffe Chapel Housing enjoy a free barbecue, cake and light refreshments at a party celebrating its 30th anniversary. -GARY W-P

Young and old enjoyed a meal and mingling at Thorncliffe Chapel 30 year anniversary. -GARY W-P

As residents of the Thorncliffe Chapel Housing complex celebrated the building’s 30th anniversary with a free barbecue meal and social the afternoon of June 22, the corporation’s treasurer Richard Hazzard took great pains to emphasize that “our success shows that not every non-profit housing project has to be a slum.”

Richard Hazzard, Thorncliffe Chapel treasurer -GARY W-P

Richard Hazzard, Thorncliffe Chapel treasurer. -GARY W-P

The 109-unit project at 18 Thorncliffe Park Drive was initiated by the adjacent Thorncliffe Park United Church in the early 1980s and opened its doors in ‘86. Over the years prudent management has enabled the corporation running it to compile “a surplus of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a reserve fund in the bank while ensuring that maintenance is done in a timely manner and that the place is pleasant for residents,” Mr. Hazzard told a reporter at the event.

The key ingredient “is thinking years ahead, prudently planning what maintenance you need to do and when —not before its time and certainly not after,” he said.

Mary Ellen Steele & longtime Thorncliffe Chapel resident Sultana -GARY W-P

Mary Ellen Steele & longtime Thorncliffe Chapel resident Sultana. -GARY W-P

Residents attending the event representing a cross-section of ages, races and occupations said they were very happy with their home. The corporation’s president and chairperson Mary Ellen Steele said “some residents have been living here the entire time since it opened and it’s actually difficult to get in here now. People don’t often want to move out.”

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