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ADOPTABLE PETS 037, Shepherd mix Granite needs space and time

adoptable-petsGranite is a one-year-old Akita Shepherd, toy collector, snack aficionado, and self-styled “ladies man”.  He can often be found working out his guns at the dog park, watching over his favourite toys, sharing his opinions with a bark, and showing off for the lucky ladies who visit him at his pad.

While Granite is social, affectionate, and often overexcited around women, he is distrustful, fearful and over-reactive towards men.  Whether this is due to a rough upbringing or just some juicy gossip he’s heard from his lady friends, Granite has a ways to go with some positive reinforcement training.  But he’s already shown us how eager he is to improve!  He’s a total pro at basic commands like sit, down, and shake.

Shepherd mix Granite -THS

Shepherd mix Granite -THS

He’s looking for a patient family dedicated to continuing his training while providing him an outlet for his high energy.  He’d prefer an all-female home (though, with training, he could warm up to a male figure if given the time and space to build a relationship), with plenty of open space for him to run around in.  If he’s taken to an apartment or condo, he will need daily exercise at the local park.  Because of his high energy and size, it would be best if he were brought into a home without small children.

Granite is a big beautiful boy with a ton of love to give.  He just needs a little patience, understanding, and a steady commitment to helping him with his training.  With these, he’ll reach his true potential in no time! If you have any further questions about our boy Granite, don’t hesitate to reach out at

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