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ADOPTABLE PETS 036: Big and beautiful Ella needs room to hop

adoptable-petsThis beautiful rabbit needs a red carpet type of entrance —Meet Ella!!

Larger breed rabbits are amazing and beautiful.  Social, outgoing, relaxed and friendly are only a few ways to describe Ella.  She is looking a home with plenty of space for her “bunny 500’s” as she does cover a lot of ground when burning that energy, but afterwards will happily flop beside you on the floor or couch as she takes a needed breather.

Ella has lived with quite a few other animals, but gradual controlled introductions are still important if you already have an animal at home.  Like all other rabbits she would like a bunny buddy in the near future.  One to sprint with, lounge with and share A LOT of hay with.

Playful Ella cozying up to a new friend -THS

Playful Ella cozying up to a new friend -THS

She loves her food and will try almost anything that is safe for her from her new caregiver.  Ella will also need a little direction with her litter box as she is just learning to use one.

If you think you have the right home for big, soft explorer Ella please contact and make an appointment for an interview.  Please note: the minimum enclosure size to keep a rabbit in is 4’x4’x3’ high (although bigger is always better!).  A photo of the set-up enclosure will be required before any special species adoption can be finalized.

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