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ADOPTABLE PETS 034: Anxious Izzy looking for his calm place

adoptable-petsMeet 6 year old Izzy!

He is a sweet fellow who is looking for his perfect match.  He is part of our facilitated adoption program so he does not live here at the Toronto Humane Society and is instead trying to find a new home from the comfort of his current residence.

This handsome lad suffers from separation anxiety.  Izzy can be vocal when left alone and would rather keep his family at home and all to himself.  We have been told that Izzy has lived with both cats and dogs and has done very well.  He also enjoys being in the company of children.

Izzy would love a big backyard -THS

Izzy would love a big backyard -THS

Due to his anxiety and size, Izzy would do best in a house with a fenced in backyard where he can burn off some of his excess energy.  If you would like to meet Izzy or learn more about him, please email!

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