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EY’s Cool East is now exclusive TO distributor of popular new Xero ‘barefoot’ shoes

Dayna, 20, puts on new Xero shoes she just bought at Cool East. -STAFF

Dayna, 20, puts on new Xero shoes she just bought at Cool East. -STAFF


A popular new trend in footwear towards minimalist construction to emulate the barefoot experience has been taken to the max by a U.S. company that started in a home bedroom and now exports an expanding line of products around the world.

Xero Shoes offer sandals, casual everyday-wear shoes and now, says exclusive TO dealer Leslie Padorr, owner of Cool East Market at 1390 Danforth Ave., a new hiking/winter boot line that she’s taken delivery of just in time for the change of seasons. (See them at

Dayna says wearing Xerox sandals is like 'walking barefoot." -STAFF

Dayna says wearing Xerox sandals is like ‘walking barefoot.” -STAFF

“The boots aren’t waterproof, so you wouldn’t wear them in deep snow,” Ms. Padorr told me during a recent visit to the store a little west of Monarch Park Ave.

“But for most days during Toronto winters they’re ideal,” she said, adding she has ordered an abundance of colours and sizes and also carries a variety of other styles of the company’s products along with unique items like tabi socks and “upcycled” rubber bags, wallets etc.

During my visit one young  customer, 20-year-old Dayna, who is planning to take a year off to go backpacking in Europe, was thrilled at being able to get them locally.  Her Xero sandals she ordered online before learning about Cool East “are like walking barefoot,” she avers.

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