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Self-love is part of overall good health, EY naturopath says

Free two-day event Nov. 22-23 to explore self-love and genuine self-expression

Most people understand the importance of things like good nutrition and exercise when it comes to maintaining robust physical health. But East York naturopath Yuri Murakami, who’s very knowledgeable about the workings of the body, says psychological factors can be just as vital to maintaining a balanced being.

The owner of Yuri’s Village Naturopathic & Holistic Clinic above the LucSculpture art gallery at 663  Greenwood Ave. says “creativity is an important aspect of our overall wellbeing” and adds that so is what she calls “authentic self-love.”

Authentic self-love is not so much about having a high self-regard as it is about nurturing and taking seriously one’s inner as well as outer needs, she says.

That theme, “Self Love and Authentic Expression,” will be explored in various ways at this year’s edition of her free annual two-day Health, Food, Creativity event at which seven workshops will address various aspects of our psychological as well as physical needs.

The event takes place November 22 and 23 from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. and includes topics such as dream interpretation, kudalini yoga, tai chi, art therapy and medicinal teas.

There will also be a free clay workshop station set up for participants to use to express themselves and meanwhile in the LucSculpture studios there will also be an annual arts and crafts sale for those looking to get a head start on holiday shopping.

For full details about the weekend and to register visit or call 416-466-5773.

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