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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 029: Will the bubble burst?

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017

Answers to some questions you may have about East York’s real estate market With spring in the air not only is home renovation season is underway, it’s also a time of year many people consider looking for a new house while others are looking to sell.  There are several questions you may have about what is happening with the East York real estate market. What’s happening here in East York? We live in BOOM town.  There is plenty of room for price improvement.  The gentrification of shops and restaurants that is happening along the Danforth and on some of the interior streets is very exciting.  The transit, roadways, great schools, parks, the Taylor Creek Ravine, the hospital, it’s all here ready and waiting.  Subject of course to bylaws and codes, many East York homes hold potential for the addition...

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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #028: Breathe clean Spring air!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2017

Ahhhh! Spring is in the air! As natural as it is, we don’t often give our indoor air quality too much thought, assuming it must be top-notch if our homes are clean and cared for, right? Health Canada lists three main categories of indoor air pollution affecting our indoor atmosphere: biological, chemical and radioactive. Biological pollutants from living organisms like mould and fungi, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander and aeroallergens like pollen and spores. These allergens can cause symptoms from an annoying runny nose to the more serious allergic asthma. Keep windows shut when pollen allergies flare up, using an air purifier with a HEPA filter, and washing pets weekly can help reduce the allergens floating around your home. Chemical pollutants are particles, gases and vapours and like nitrogen dioxide (No2), carbon monoxide (CO), formaldehyde, lead, asbestos, ozone and...

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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES #027: Spring time tidy up list

Posted by on Feb 26, 2017

Soon spring will arrive with a dry, breezy 10° day; perfect for throwing open the windows for an hour or so to freshen up the inside of your home while you head outside and to the basement to get your home in great shape with these tips. Look up  Your homes first line of defense against snow and rain damage is the roof; take a good look at it.  Don’t delay repairing spots that need patching or repair.  Avoid this, and you could find yourself facing water damage inside your home when spring rains arrive. Clean your gutters  Gutters protect your home by directing melt water and rain away from your home.  Clogged or damaged gutters tend to go unnoticed until it is time for an expensive repair.  Replace your furnace filter  A filter clogged with dirt, dust and...

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Want a free tree out front of your property? Just ask!

Posted by on Feb 26, 2017

The City of Toronto owns a portion of land between roadways and private property, known as the public road allowance. Urban Forestry plants and maintains trees on this land to help grow Toronto’s urban forest and to reach the city’s goal of increasing the tree canopy to 40 per cent. A property owner can submit a tree planting request for the city-owned road allowance in front of their home or business. Submit a tree planting request online or by phone. Call 311 or online, visit and type “tree planting” in the search window, then go to second result, “Street Tree Planting”, and follow link. The City’s Urban Forestry staff will then visit the site to confirm the right tree species and determine the ideal planting location. The actual planting will take place during the next planting season (typically...

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Michael Garron Hospital finally gets new sign

Posted by on Jan 26, 2017

Whether the timing is coincidental or was prompted by a January 17 story in the latest issue of East York Chronicle released last week, nearly 14 months after announcing it had changed its name, Michael Garron Hospital this week finally has a new sign with the proper name on it.

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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 026: Tips for making your small EY home feel a lot larger

Posted by on Jan 13, 2017

Owning an East York home doesn’t mean it needs to feel cramped. Incorporate these simple design updates into your home to give it a more open, spacious feel.   Crystal Clear Help your home feel more spacious with glass. Whether you choose glass for a staircase railing, an entryway room divider or a small bathroom, using glass can be a phenomenal way to make a small space feel larger than it is. Replacing barriers with clear, frosted or textured glass will make a contemporary statement while the added flow of light helps tie your square footage into one larger room.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall While they reflect light, mirrors also add the illusion of depth to a room. Make any room seem larger than it is by installing a large decorative mirror, or arrangement of several mirrors on...

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