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Woodbine bike lanes to be installed August 18-31

Posted by on Aug 9, 2017

City of Toronto crews will begin a two-week project to install dedicated bike lanes along the length of Woodbine Avenue on August 18 according to a schedule released by the city’s Public Works Department. The first phase, Aug. 18-24, is expected to see completion of lanes on both sides of Woodbine between O’Connor Drive and Danforth Ave., with the southerly section to Queen Street, estimated to require only four days from August 25 through 28. Traffic will be reduced to one-lane in each direction during the process and there will be no stopping or on-street parking allowed.  More info at...

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Main Squared adding art to busy corner for nine days in late August

Posted by on Aug 7, 2017

The public square on the southeast corner of Danforth and Main St. will be transformed…

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Renovated and reimagined Broadview Hotel changes east TO’s psychological landscape

Posted by on Aug 5, 2017

The re-opening of The Broadview Hotel this month finally heralds the coming of the gentrification of our east-end of Toronto.

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RAT-POCALYSE! Significant increase in number of EY sightings

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017

Although the City of Toronto claims its garbage bins are racoon-proof, judging by recent reports on social media some East York home owners have found they may not be immune to rats. One member of the Danforth-Woodbine group on Facebook posted that she discovered a “a 4-inch hole on the top of our garbage bin” outside her home in the Gerrard-Coxwell area. Another reported that a rat “ran at me from behind the garbage and hit my ankle!” The rodents have also been reported being found in basement toilets, having apparently crawled up from the sewer system, and also under the hoods of cars. Several posters theorized that the influx may be due to renovations and new construction in their areas, where basements and foundations have been dug, disrupting the pests from their previous habitats. Similarly, watermain replacements and...

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SEEING GREEN 031: “Going native” in backyard helps all of us

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017

Native plants in our yards are the key to preserving our rich urban biodiversity of birds, butterflies, pollinating insects, and other wildlife …

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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 031: The Dog House – home upgrades with Sparky in mind

Posted by on Jul 3, 2017

I love my dog.  He’s pampered with a healthy, fresh diet and accouterments fit for canine royalty.  But despite millions of Canadians living in harmony with their fur-babies, canine wear and tear on their homes can impact negatively on the selling process for owners. With some thoughtful planning and redesigned elements, however, you needn’t upset your home’s feng-shui to present it in the best light for daily living and for potential buyers. Flooring:  Since Sparky spends considerable time on the floor, durable pet-friendly flooring is a necessity.  Install flooring that is ideal for pets and will sustain value over time.  Properly sealed hardwood and eco-friendly bamboo are durable but will show wear and tear (i.e. scratching).  Due to their easily cleanable and durable properties, consider laminate, vinyl, marble, stone, marble, cork or concrete flooring. Carpeting:  Hard floors may present...

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