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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 033: How to achieve top dollar quick sales in a buyer-friendly market

Posted by on Sep 4, 2017

If you’re thinking of selling your home, I’m afraid you might think I’m the Devil in authoring from what you’re about to read.  So grab a cool one and brace yourself accordingly. I’m of the opinion that we are headed for a more balanced, buyer-friendly market this fall.  There.  I said it.  You OK?  I’m just trying to be realistic and honest. For years now, Toronto has had a seller’s market in which vicious, quick, multiple-offer bidding wars were commonplace, with properties lasting mere days on the market and final sale prices vastly over asking price. For many sellers, the disappointment with a more buyer-friendly market will be that their neighbour, two, six, or twelve months ago, got more than they might be able to get now.  Ego often gets in the way when we’re trying to sell our...

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COSBURN GREENS: New fabric store is latest boost for heart of the old East York community

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016

Although it contains some much loved and well-established businesses, the little retail strip on Cosburn Ave. at Linsmore Crescent (only one “n” in the spelling of the street north of Springdale Blvd. —a hold over from its days at the heart of the Borough of East York) had seen better days. Until now.

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2015

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