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SIMPLY SWEET: A mouthful of delight

Posted by on Jan 13, 2015

Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes with Bourbon Pecan Pie Filling, Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue, and Candied Pecans These are a mouthful. Literally. These wordy wonders came to me one day while riding the crowded subway, trying desperately to keep my mind occupied with something other than the stranger nodding off to sleep on my shoulder (why is this a thing that happens to me so often?). It was one of those stressful, packed rush hour situations where many people would say “I need a drink!” but me being, well, me, my mind was lost in pastry land, floating among clouds of sugar, spice and everything nice. Somewhere along the way, though, that “I need a drink” mentality must’ve snuck in, because when I got off at my stop, two things were cemented in my brain: chocolate and bourbon. As much as...

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SIMPLY SWEET: Quick, easy and delicious for the holidays – Gingerbread Kahlua Meringue Kisses

Posted by on Dec 9, 2014

 \by Sarah Gray\ I’m a fan of simple, especially during the holidays. During December alone there’s always so much pressure! End of year tasks to finish, gifts to buy, appearances to make, fake/awkward smiles to be forced upon your face while you make nice with the in-laws and the friends of friends … it’s a lot of work! With all of this hustle and bustle, I find little time is left for little pleasures in life, be they quiet time with a good book, binging while watching Netflix, or my personal favourite, a little baking time in the kitchen. So that being said, this time of the year, simple recipes are a must! No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen all day long, mixing and folding (and dropping things, and cursing under their breath … and sometimes...

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SIMPLY SWEET: A dessert that stays moist for days!

Posted by on Sep 5, 2014

\by Sarah Gray\ Sarah Gray’s blog can be found at Would you like to know one of the words I hate most in the entire English language? “Moist.” I don’t know what it is about it that bothers me so much. It could be the little trip down memory lane it gives me, reminiscent of soggy school day sandwiches sitting in my backpack all day until lunch time, and the clammy hands I undoubtedly had when my first crush decided to hold one. Come to think of it, it could also be the “oi” sound combination in the word. The word “ointment” gives me similar shudders. Whatever the reason though, I had essentially banished the word from my vocabulary. … and then I became a baker. As much as I hate it, moist is actually a pretty essential...

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