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East Yorkers showing they do care about climate change

Posted by on May 3, 2017

– By Melanie Milanich – East Yorkers were among the many thousands of people —scientists, researchers, teachers, doctors, parents and citizens— rallying and thronging the streets of downtown Toronto for the March for Science April 22 and the March for Climate Change April 29. Science tells us that climate change is real, serious, caused primarily by burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, is happening now and faster than predicted.  We know from the daily news that it needs to be urgently addressed to keep the planet habitable in future decades. East York residents have shown their commitment with solar panels, electric and hybrid cars, cycling lanes, recycling, the tool library, tree plantings, green roofs and insulating homes.  Because of these and other measures, as well as a big help from the province’s elimination of coal fired electric plants, Toronto...

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SEEING GREEN 029: Loving our ravines —to death

Posted by on May 2, 2017

While many East Yorkers are sensitive to our natural environment and want to protect it, all too often I see the opposite. I hear people say “I love the ravines, I want to bring in more people so they will love the ravines also;” or “I want to use the ravines to promote my business (tourism, photography, art work, refreshment, souvenir sales)” or “More people loving the ravines will be more people protecting them” or “We need more access points, more trails, more washrooms, for what is the use of nature if we can’t get into every part of it?” But the ravines, and our environmentally significant areas within them, are dying —species are being lost; slopes are eroding; invasive species of fauna and flora are spreading; nesting is being disturbed; ground is being compacted; branches and logs are...

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2017 registration now open for Tree For Me free trees program

Posted by on May 1, 2017

Launched in spring 2016, Tree For Me can give free trees to property owners or anyone who has permission to plant a tree on private land in Toronto. Part of the Every Tree Counts campaign, a collective movement to reach 40% tree cover in Toronto. Tree For Me aims to increase canopy in Toronto’s least treed neighbourhoods. Tree for Me isn’t a simple tree giveaway. Program reps work to ensure that participants receive knowledge on proper tree planting and care and are matched with a native tree species that is best suited to their desired planting space. To that end, each spring and fall, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation partners with local groups and individuals who host Tree for Me events throughout the city. At a Tree for Me event, participants take part in a workshop on proper tree...

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ENVIROGENDA 029, May 2017

Posted by on Apr 30, 2017

Thursday May 11, 7-8pm: Urban Agriculture and Pollinator-Friendly Gardening workshop at Queen/Saulter Library, 765 Queen St. E. Pollinators -bees, butterflies and more- play an essential role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. They are responsible for pollinating over 30% of the foods we eat? You’ll get information on which native plants are the best to plant to provide a consistent source of food for pollinators. Presented by Live Green Toronto. To register or for more information, call 416-393-7723 Tuesday May 16, 9am: City Council’s Executive Committee will receive and discuss a report on the Ravine Strategy. The meeting agenda and supporting documentation including the Staff Report and Strategy will be posted approximately one week in advance at: Tuesday May 16, 4-8pm: Ward 31 Environment Day with Councillor Janet Davis at East York Memorial Arena parking lot, 888 Cosburn Ave. For...

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Local groups & councillors will spend Earth Day doing park work

Posted by on Apr 6, 2017

Residents, community groups and political reps will band together in several locations on Sat. April 22 to celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up area parks for the Spring season.

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SEEING GREEN 028: Spring is for sprouting! Urban agriculture is growing

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017

…the urge for green thumbs has clearly blossomed. From fruit trees to window sill herbs, East Yorkers are growing keen on enjoying locally grown food.

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