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How to prevent a disabling fall

Posted by on Jan 11, 2018

By Dr. George I. Traitses As we age, our risk of falling increases.  Falling puts us at risk for serious injuries, including broken bones and muscle damage.  There are many choices that you can make that will reduce your risk of falling and protect your independence.  Check out these tips for simple things you can do to stay safely on your feet: 1) Remove your reading glasses when you are walking. Always slip them off before you take a step. 2) Never climb on a chair or stool to reach something. Always ask for assistance. 3) If you have a pet such as a cat or dog, consider putting a bell or reflector on its collar. It’s easy to stumble across an affectionate or sleeping pet that’s in your path. 4) Take your time. If you frequently find yourself rushing to pick-up the...

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Ten out of ten on pedicure at EY’s new The Ten Spot location

Posted by on Dec 6, 2017

I recently treated myself to a pedicure at the newest location of The Ten Spot at 979 Coxwell Avenue in Olde East York Village and was very impressed.

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This EY brewery also a great place to hang out

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017

One of East York’s most interesting places to relax and enjoy a few beers is the Muddy York Brewing Company …

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The “good guys in food service” are based in East York

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017

If you go to an East York area restaurant or diner this holiday season, the chances are good that S&A Foods has provided its supplies.

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Hair’s to surviving cancer in style!

Posted by on Nov 30, 2017

Over 51 people took part in a “Donate Your Hair Day” event at Bang Salon on Danforth Avenue on Saturday November 18, having their tresses shorn to be used in real hair wigs for women who have lost their hair dur to cancer treatments. Sponsored by the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign established by the well known hair products company, the event in the salon at 859 Danforth Ave. also included an appearance by cancer survivor and speaker Nalie Agustin, who spoke about her personal experience battling the disease and how the program helps women to cope. Representatives of the Donate2Create campaign supported by Pantene also talked about how even 8” of hair can be utilized to help women undergoing chemotherapy treatments to have higher self-esteem, which many regard as crucial in successfully combatting the affliction, by being able to...

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PROPERTY PERSPECTIVES 035: The Regrettable #1 Trap of Retirement Downsizing

Posted by on Nov 7, 2017

It’s easy to dream about the leisurely days you’ll enjoy with the high price your home will fetch.  Perhaps the neighbours sold their home for a sky-high sum, or so they told you as a limo whisked them off to who knows where.  The fact is, you likely don’t know: a) how their home differs from yours relative to the qualities prospective buyers value most; b) their home’s condition or upgrades; c) the net proceeds of the sale; or d) whether the real estate market was better or worse than it is now. Done right, downsizing can be a good idea.  Most homeowners count on financing retirement by selling their home, buying a smaller home and investing the difference for income.  Regrettably, they sometimes reap much less than they hoped for by overlooking or underestimating closing costs, realtor fees...

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